Opioids Don't Discriminate (Strathcona County)

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Winning awards for innovation and excellence, the Opioids Don't Discriminate campaign is an interactive experience held in Strathcona County, where visitors were able to walk and follow the stories of three individuals affected by the opioid crisis, reading vignettes and seeing events unfold in environmental models (including a car accident, a teenager's bedroom and an emergency room). Based on real experiences in the community, these stories followed a well-to-do father who spirals into opioid addiction after being prescribed opioids for a recreational hockey injury, a teenager who succumbs to opioid addiction after struggling with a new life, and the teenager's mom who had to navigate through the near-death experience of her child. Visitors also filled out pre- and post-experience surveys, with results indicating that most having gained a better understanding of and greater empathy for those fighting opioid addiction. Through six days, this exhibit attracted more than 1200 participants and inspired the making of a "do-it-yourself" kit on how to create similar exhibits, leading to recreations of this experience in other municipalities around the province.







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