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What's in an entry

See below to learn about what information is on a campaign entry.  

Title: the name of the campaign. 

Thumbnail image: a representative image of the campaign. 

Source: links to campaign materials are included here, often including YouTube videos, website links, and PDF links. Occasionally, these links become defunct or no longer campaign-specific. 

Description: a short summary and background on the campaign's aims and materials. 

Creator: the leader(s) in the making of the campaign. 

Contributor: organizations and people who have helped with the making of the campaign, often involving funding partners.  

Date: the approximate date of the campaign's launch. 

Language: the language(s) used in the campaign materials.

Type: the nature or genre of the campaign. This includes...

Format: the medium of the campaign. This includes...

Audience: the target demographic of the campaign. This includes...

Coverage: the target area of the campaign. This includes...

Meta-data info: for certain entries, additional information for campaign materials is available including duration of video, location and more. 

Transcription: for certain entries that include videos, transcripts are available for users to read. 

Collection: denotes whether the campaign was released between 2009-2020 or after 2020. 

Tags: themes or categories that the entry belongs to. See the About page for more information. 

Citation: how to cite the entry page for users' convenience.  

Campaign relations: for certain entries, other campaigns that are associated are noted.