Browse our collection of 150+ drug-related anti-stigma campaigns from across Canada. The Anti-Stigma Archive endeavours to collect, record and analyze Canadian campaigns that aimed to reduce drug-related stigma. Created in 2021 by Scott Neufeld and the CARE Collective at Brock University, this project is an ongoing effort and aims to help those interested in studying or making their own anti-stigma campaigns. 

Recently Added Items

Making the Difference: On the frontlines of the addiction and opioid crisis in Saskatchewan

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A short documentary that was later cut and used as pre-roll advertisements that played on social media and at hospitals, this Saskatchewan-based…

Opioids Don't Discriminate (Strathcona County)

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Winning awards for innovation and excellence, the Opioids Don'tDiscriminate campaign is an interactive experience held in Strathcona County, where…

Opioid Overdoses: What you need to know

opioids poster.png

Campaign posters and ads pushed traffic to the website above which also includes an updated version of the campaign poster that differs slightly from…